Dare to Bare

embrace your face

Challenge Dare to Bare & Embrace Your Face is here!

Your challenge, should you be plucky enough to accept it, is to go without fake-up (make-up) for at least 4 days. If you want to take the challenge further, we suggest using natural means to cleanse your skin. That means using things from the kitchen. Oatmeal, bananas, avocados, lemon zest or juice (fresh only), or any other natural assist. Be careful when using near the eyes.

Give your skin time to breathe without the mask. We can only overcome the social pressures for women if we set an example.

Send us your bare facial pic with name, age is optional, and what skin regime you used during the challenge to thepluckyreport@yahoo.com.

We look forward to your positive reports of accepting the Dare to Bare & Embrace Your Face Challenge!

And remember, be positive and do positive things!